Dead & Forgotten

This photo really speaks to me. I had an verbally/physically abusive boyfriend who used to treat me wonderfully. The last couple months of our relationship he was treating me really bad. I thought this was just a faze, and I wanted to help him through it, it got really bad, and he even attacked me at school. I used to be his princess, but ladies, if your lover is started to say or do mean things to you. You’ve lost them, they are not the same person, no matter how many times they say “no wait, you’re my forever” take a stand for yourself. I’m here to talk if any of you need it.

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I blame myself for the abuse i experienced. I grew up too fast and was asking for it. No one has ever just let me be. Verbal, emotional, mental and physical abuse follow me no matter where i go and how old i get. I may cause this but I don’t understand what i did that was so wrong other than to have been born. I don’t see how life will ever get better, how can it? Posted by Anonymous (via survivorssharingsecrets)

We Are Survivors

Laverne Cox- It Got Better 

We Are Survivors
Relapse is my middle name